Make Beats

This article was written for those who are interested in making beats with computer. Production software has revolutionized many things pertaining to online activities, and now here is software helping you to make beats online.
High prices follow some of these programs, but there is another one that enables you to do the same thing inexpensively, and that is ‘Sonic Producer’. Sonic Producer costs you less than a meal at Red Lobster. It enlists your keyboard to help you lay down the melodies and bass lines, with eight drum pads for pounding out your beat.
If you really want to be taken seriously as a producer, you want industry quality sounds. Sonic Producer comes with a 16-track volume control for mixing sounds and levels that will enhance your track.
A big feature of this program that some of the others don’t have, even some expensive ones, is the ability to convert your tracks to mp3 format and then export it, giving you the ability to download, upload, and burn to CD. If you feel you got the good stuff, you can upload it and sell it on sites such as
Learning to make beats online can be both rewarding and lucrative. It’s a fun way to network with other beat makers and become a part of the beat making community. Be careful when adding samples and don’t illegally take a copyrighted work. Other than that have fun and let the creativity flow as you learn how to make beats online, and share them on your MySpace or YouTube pages.

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