Recording Software

Background record software is used as a useful tool of describing the process of performing a criminal background check. The following article describes the best way to look up criminal records by performing an online criminal check using public records in databases.


Information available in public criminal records can include public arrest records, jail records, driving records, court records, prison records – basically any public record associated with criminal activity. This information is usually free if you physically go to the county courthouse that they reside, however more and more counties and states are starting to make this information available online for public access. Background check software is used to make them available for a public records search.


Depending on the state or county that has made their criminal records available online, they may or may not charge a fee. Some counties such as in Florida for instance now charge a fee versus offering it free of charge for anyone wishing to find criminal records through their web site. This allows the organization to generate some additional revenue as well as pay for the infrastructure costs associated with providing their public criminal records online.


There are other private services that also offer their own version of background check software that is also available thru the internet. One advantage of using a private service is that the public criminal records information that is available can cover multiple state and county jurisdictions.


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