make your own music

If you’re interested in learning how to make your own beats, then this article was written for you.

With new software technology skyrocketing with each passing day, you can now make your own music beats quickly and easily. Drum machines and software programs enable anyone to become a one-man band.

Your first decision is to choose between computer program and drum machine. Once you decide this you’re into a line of steps that are the same.

Adjust your beats per minute while setting your tempo, just like you adjust miles per hour to speed up and slow down your car. Play around with the time signature, as some of the better ones seem to be in odd time. But the basic time of the signature for starting your loop over is four beats per measure, or 120 beats a minute.

In order to make your own music beats and do it correctly, you’ll have to get familiar with a lot of the terminology. Samples are portions of audio you can place in your own track and work off of. There are ‘drum kits’ and ‘bass tones’ along with ‘strings, synths, and percussions’.

You will run into lots of terms that are unfamiliar to you if you’re a newbie, but don’t get discouraged, they’re easy to learn and fun too.

But basically, once you set your tempo as we said above, then you lay in your bass line. This should harmonize and compliment the drum groove and now you’re off to the races. From here anything you add is totally from your own sense of style and creativity.

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